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Assorted notes on the internet about the web, eleventy, shopify, javascript, testing, node, web components, esbuild, ci, github actions, responsive, dns, php, css, email, composer, caddy, laravel and vite.

Latest writing

  1. Quick error reporting with Val Town
    • 5 min

    Using Val Town's simple storage and notifications to rig up a lightweight error reporting system.

  2. Links #5
    • 2 min

    Interesting stuff I've run into since last time.

  3. Observing cart changes in a Shopify theme
    • 8 min

    Identifying and responding to changes in a customer's cart.

  4. Add a custom domain to CloudFront with Cloudflare
    • 5 min

    Configuring DNS and SSL certificates in AWS to play nicely.

Popular posts

  1. Laravel Sail, Vite and SSL with a custom domain
    • 4 min

    Set up Sail and Vite to develop locally under HTTPS using Caddy.

  2. Using PostCSS and Autoprefixer with esbuild
    • 3 min

    Updating an esbuild config in a Shopify theme to utilise autoprefixer.

  3. Making a Shopify Theme App Extension for Google Site Verification
    • 6 min

    Whipping up a quick Shopify app to take advantage of the new theme app extension feature.

  4. Responsive images in Shopify themes
    • 8 min

    Current solutions to handling responsive image formats in Shopify.

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