Mike Fallows

Tagged “shopify”

  1. Making a Shopify Theme App Extension for Google Site Verification

    Whipping up a quick Shopify app to take advantage of the new theme app extension feature.

  2. Using PostCSS and Autoprefixer with esbuild

    Updating an esbuild config in a Shopify theme to utilise autoprefixer.

  3. Responsive images in Shopify themes

    Current solutions to handling responsive image formats in Shopify.

  4. Using tags to render related content in Shopify themes

    The trick I use to leverage tags to identify and display related content.

  5. Hiding Shopify pages from search results

    Sometimes you don't want certain resource types to be indexed by search engines.

  6. Refactoring a Shopify upsell widget to a Custom Element

    Often shop owners want the ability to offer a small upsell that can be easily added to an order.

  7. Adding VAT to 31,522 Shopify prices as quickly as possible

    Yay! Shopify finally handles tax in a way that's useful for Europeans.

  8. Using Jest tests to replace jQuery in a Shopify theme

    A strategy for safely removing jQuery as a dependency from custom Shopify themes.

  9. Shopify theme development with esbuild

    Leverage sass and bundle js imports with esbuild when using the new Shopify themes CLI.

  10. Quickly export Shopify data to a CSV

    A lightweight and configurable node script to export Shopify data.

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