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  1. Making a Shopify Theme App Extension for Google Site Verification
    Tagged • shopify

    Whipping up a quick Shopify app to take advantage of the new theme app extension feature.

  2. Using PostCSS and Autoprefixer with esbuild
    Tagged • shopify • esbuild

    Updating an esbuild config in a Shopify theme to utilise autoprefixer.

  3. Responsive images in Shopify themes
    Tagged • responsive • shopify

    Current solutions to handling responsive image formats in Shopify.

  4. Using tags to render related content in Shopify themes
    Tagged • shopify

    The trick I use to leverage tags to identify and display related content.

  5. Hiding Shopify pages from search results
    Tagged • shopify

    Sometimes you don't want certain resource types to be indexed by search engines.

  6. Refactoring a Shopify upsell widget to a Custom Element
    Tagged • web components • shopify

    Often shop owners want the ability to offer a small upsell that can be easily added to an order.

  7. Adding VAT to 31,522 Shopify prices as quickly as possible
    Tagged • shopify

    Yay! Shopify finally handles tax in a way that's useful for Europeans.

  8. Using Jest tests to replace jQuery in a Shopify theme
    Tagged • testing • shopify

    A strategy for safely removing jQuery as a dependency from custom Shopify themes.

  9. Shopify theme development with esbuild
    Tagged • esbuild • shopify

    Leverage sass and bundle js imports with esbuild when using the new Shopify themes CLI.

  10. Quickly export Shopify data to a CSV
    Tagged • node • shopify

    A lightweight and configurable node script to export Shopify data.

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