Mike Fallows

  1. Handling dark mode in HTML emails
    • 4 min

    A simple method to quickly handle switching colours and images in emails.

  2. Links #2
    • 2 min

    Happy reading!

  3. Making a Shopify Theme App Extension for Google Site Verification
    • 6 min

    Whipping up a quick Shopify app to take advantage of the new theme app extension feature.

  4. Using PostCSS and Autoprefixer with esbuild
    • 3 min

    Updating an esbuild config in a Shopify theme to utilise autoprefixer.

  5. Links #1
    • 1 min

    Things I've recently enjoyed around the web.

  6. Responsive images in Shopify themes
    • 8 min

    Current solutions to handling responsive image formats in Shopify.