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Links #1

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I’ve never really been good at keeping bookmarks, so I’m going to try tracking interesting things I’ve found on the web in posts for future me. I’m hoping this also provides some lower-effort content that I can publish more easily, and get less hung up about writing “proper” posts. Not entirely uninspired by Bruce Lawson’s Reading Lists.

NFTs weren’t supposed to end like this. Anil Dash on the unfulfilled promise of technology benefitting artists foremost.

Okuda Hiroko: behind the Sleng Teng rhythm. Fascinating how culture was transferred via pre-internet age technology with unexpected consequences.

CEOs are hugely expensive – why not automate them? Indeed. Via the New Statesman.

Shell script suggestions for speedy setups. A great post on scripting your project setup to reduce the friction when jumping into a project.

Monkey Patching. Although Rene Merino’s article uses Craft CMS for its example, it’s a great piece on when and why Monkey Patching is a useful technique. It for sure comes in handy when customising Shopify themes.

One Look Dictionary. A useful writing tool.

How to read complex code. A talk, by Dr Felienne Hermans, which covers the challenges of encountering unfamiliar code. It provides some insight on ways to improve cognition of unfamiliar syntax. Plenty to consider when it’s code you might encounter, or considering the reader of the code you write.

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