Mike Fallows

  1. Installing Perch Runway via Composer
    • 5 min

    How to manage Perch CMS as a Composer dependency.

  2. Using Jest tests to replace jQuery in a Shopify theme
    • 7 min

    A strategy for safely removing jQuery as a dependency from custom Shopify themes.

  3. Shopify theme development with esbuild
    • 6 min

    Leverage sass and bundle js imports with esbuild when using the new Shopify themes CLI.

  4. An interview by Sam Waller for Nativve
    • 1 min

    Long-time collaborators, Nativve, interviewed me about websites for their blog.

  5. Quickly export Shopify data to a CSV
    • 1 min

    A lightweight and configurable node script to export Shopify data.

  6. Making this website
    • 5 min

    The process and decisions behind this site.