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Links #3

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A recent reading list.

How to ask good questions. A great reminder of how to seek help successfully. The focus is on getting help on technical subjects in a team environment, but it could easily be extrapolated to any subject or situation with plenty of useful lessons about good communication in general.

The World’s Most Satisfying Checkbox. A neat example of how small interactions can be elevated. When working on transactional sites, micro-interactions can be a great opportunity to explore identity can be expressed beyond colours, fonts and messaging. It’s also a good reminder of how much attention these interactions automatically receive in the world of game design.

Prioritize What You Do. This is a fantastic list for retailers on where to prioritise efforts. It’s easy to become distracted by novel techniques and forget to give precedence to the basic principles of selling online. Personalisation is the only thing I would caveat because, in my experience, it can create unneeded complexity and make customer experiences more opaque and harder to empathise with (although this largely depends on the nature of your products).

Conditional Border Radius In CSS. A neat trick to toggle border-radius in CSS based purely on a container element’s width. Something to tide us over until Container Queries are supported.

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