Mike Fallows

Uses (2021)

For posterity, a rundown of my setup and the current apps that I use in 2021.

Hardware #

My main work machine is a Mac Mini with an M1 chip which I use with a 5K LG display. I also have an older 15" Mac Book Pro with an Intel chip I can take with me. I use Mackup and a dotfiles repo to keep my dev setup in sync.

Editor #

I still have a copy of Panic’s Coda knocking around on an old machine for some legacy projects, but these days I almost exclusively use VS Code. The ability to customise it is extremely valuable to me because I work across a range of languages, and I got huge value from Caleb Porzio’s Make VS Code Awesome package. That gives me a really elegant setup with very few changes required.

I use the Fira Code font with custom ligatures set.

Terminal #

I tend to use VS Code’s integrated terminal most often, but for tasks not related to a specific project I use iTerm 2 with the Z Shell and Oh My Zsh with the Sorin theme. I use Fira Code here too.

Git #

Most of my project’s code is hosted on GitHub and I use the GitHub Desktop app for most tasks as it’s still much quicker and less error-prone for me to switch between projects and make commits than on the command line.

Adobe #

I use Adobe CS for the bulk of my design work. InDesign and Photoshop for print work, and XD for generating web graphics. Occasionally I use After Effects for some motion graphics.

CodeKit #

CodeKit has some great features for processing files and setting up a local server through a GUI. It has allowed me to set up project workflows very quickly regardless of the stack.

Misc #